Robert (Bob) Burroughs

Robert “Bob” Burroughs

Multi-Medium Artist

Robert Burroughs, affectionately known as Bob, is a multi-media graphic artist who has over the years, worked with many different mediums and has used unique techniques to create his works.

Robert Lang Burroughs was born and raised in El Monte, CA. As a young adult he served in the US Navy. Bob has always loved creating art and is almost completely self-taught. Over the years he has donated his time and artistic abilities to projects through Roth’s IGA and St. Mary’s Catholic Church. He also recently finished his first mural at Pizza King in Albany. Bob is a father of 5 and the proud grandfather of 8 grandchildren. He currently resides in Albany, OR with Linda, his lovely wife of 37 years.

Bob has always been willing to share his artistic skill to help others. An excellent example of this community spirit is the Christmas Storybook Land coloring book that Bob created. He donated the coloring book to them for their use and the coloring books were handed out to the youngsters when they attended Christmas StoryBook Land.

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